The Core 24 Scents

Our Signature 24 scents. Available year round in all of our products!

Berry Tangerine - a juicy mix of summer berries, tangerine and a hint of fresh ginger
Birds of Paradise - a lil' fruity, a lil' sweet, a touch of vanilla & a bouquet of fresh cut flowers
Champagne & Strawberriesstrawberries and roses combine with everyone's fav bubbles to make this irresistible scent
Cinnamon Stick - need a little spice in your life? Look no further than Cinnamon Stick! This fiery scent is sure to keep you warm & cosy
Cranberry Fig - the scent of summer in a candle! Tangy yet sweet, this is the perfect combination of cranberry and figs, with an extra kick of pink grapefruit
Dragons Blood - mysterious, haunting and alluring this blend has notes of patchouli, rosewood, musk and clove
Fig Forest
Frangipani - delicate and sweet just like the real thing!
French Pear - an established fav, French Pear is rich, smooth and juicy
Grapefruit & Lime - delightfully citrus, grapefruit and lime is sure to give you the "zest for life"
Lavender unapologetically L A V E N D E R with just a touch of vanilla and a smidge of musk. 
Lemon Myrtle - an Aussie classic, zesty citrus mixes with eucalyptus and 
Lime & Sandalwooda very zesty lime scent toned down with base notes of sandalwood
Lotus Blossom - patchouli, white lotus & vanilla combine to make this strong incensey scent
Mandarin & Mimosa - sweet sparkly citrus paired with soft mimosa blossoms and a hint of jasmine
Mango Papaya - did someone ask for the tropics? look no further than this scent, full bodied melon and juicy papaya will take you there
Mint & Lime - sure to freshen up your home with crisp notes of peppermint and lime, rounded off with beautiful floral jasmine
Moon Lake Muskthis scent is sure to please everyone, a little bit woodsy, a touch of floral and a whole lot of musk make this a 'musk' have
Ocean Breeze - soft like a zephyr, subtle notes of bergamot, lavender and musk combine with violet and apple to whisk you away on an "ocean breeze"
Pineappple & Coconut - for when you need to be whisked away to a tropical island without the $$$$ airfares; move over coconut & lime, there's a new fav in town! 
Sandalwood & Musk - sandalwood and cedarwood are softened with musk
Vanilla - Simple. Classic. Vanilla.
Wildberry Mousse - creamy mousse, fresh wildberries & a whole lot of Y U M, this smells good enough to eat!
Wildflower Honey