About The Thrifted Altar

bought from an opportunity shop or pre-loved with the intent of giving the item new life
a sacred space for honouring the divine or deities; a working space for magic

The Thrifted Altar:
pre-loved objects bought with the intent to be used in magical workings and placed on ones altar; magical thrift store finds; another step toward honouring Gaia and reducing waste while promoting magic


The Thrifted Altar aims to provide pre-loved goods in excellent condition to you. These finds will include but are not limited to: candle holders, altar kits, vases, wooden bowls, teapots and tea sets, trinket dishes, glass jars and bottles, baskets and more.

We find our items right here on the Mid North Coast of NSW from various local opportunity shops, markets and antique stores. As the history of each item is unknown to us, we take great care in ensuring the items are all cleansed of negative energy before heading to their new homes.