Mini Amethyst Egg - 25g

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Ah Amethyst, the first crystal to get you hooked. These gorgeous purple beauties are full of protective energy. 

Amethyst is the traditional birthstone of February, and is closely associated with the Crown Chakra. The zodiac sign which Amethyst aligns to is Pisces and it is also connected to the element of Wind. 

This Amethyst egg is the most G O R G E O U S shade of deep purple. This cutie weighs approx 25g.

These crystals will be sent to you packaged in a kraft pillow box adorned with washi tape.
All of our crystals are cleansed before leaving our studio, however because of the many hands they pass through on their way to you, we recommend you perform your own cleansing upon receiving your crystal.

Please dispose of any packaging thoughtfully. 

 Medical Disclaimer: Crystals should be used in conjunction with professional medical advisement and should NOT replace medical treatments, diagnosis, or examination. We at GaiaCandlesAustralia cannot offer health advice. If you have a serious medical condition please contact the relevant healthcare professional. Crystals are to complement other therapies only.