Treasure Chest Altar Box

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This gorgeous wooden chest was found at a local antique store. The felt inside shows a little ageing & wear+tear, and the exterior has a minor gouge (see last image); neither of which detract from the overall functionality and beauty of the box. If anything they tell a story of an item well-loved.

When you peak inside the chest, you'll find a few beauties both handmade, natural & pre-loved waiting for a place to call home. A box of six unscented* tealights awaits, and a single** pre-loved tealight holder in a gorgeous bluey green. A brass candle snuffer, so your candles flames are always extinguished delicately. A selenite wand ready and waiting to charge your crystals, and the sweetest clear quartz point with inclusions. 

Whether you've been practising for a week, a month or years, you're sure to love the items inside the box. 


Please Note: The items within the box are also listed separately, if these items sell before the box we will redo this listing with similar available items.

*If you'd prefer scented tealights, please contact us. We are happy to swap the unscented for a box of scented from our Core 24 Range

**A second identical tealight holder is also available for purchase. Please contact us if you'd like the pair.